Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simple Things

I feel like I haven't finished anything lately other than a lot of jewelry for the shop so I knit up a simple washcloth. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The View From My Office

On one side I see this.

On the other side I see this. Actually as I type Hermione is edging... no wait pushing her way onto my lap so I can't see my lap top or type! The face licking of course starts as well.

Another event that happens commonly in our house is the fact that Jake can fall asleep anywhere! He has always been this way and I have no clue how he does it.

And some fun news! I purchased and received an Ashford skein winder and 6 kilos of 2 ply fingering weight merino! A dying we will go! I can't wait. I am thinking of a floral theme. Naming each dye lot after a flower. I have also added jewelry to my repertoire. I just posted some items at the shop.

I have to wait to dye until at least Monday. I have so much to do around the house in preparation for the holiday weekend. Our house is in such a disarray with my foot being injured and finally I feel up to doing more around the house and getting things done and let me tell you my list is loooooong!

Speaking of I should do the dishes!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have splurged a little lately and purchased a few knitting related items. I placed an order with Julia's Yarn I bought 6 balls of her Vinca sock yarn at $3 not too bad of a deal and two skeins of the merino wool sock yarn for the same price.

A few books from Knit Picks came yesterday. I ordered New Pathways for Sock Knitters and Knitting on the Road. I have been wanting Knitting on the Road since it first came out and the New Pathways was more curiosity. I had heard some mixed reviews but I think I will enjoy this book. It is very innovative and there are a lot of patterns I see myself knitting.

Also!!!! Last night I ordered a skein winder (no not a swift this is different) and 6 kilos of 2 ply merino fingering weight (just over 13 pounds) for a yarn dying adventure! I have made a few Etsy sales this month so I am feeling inspired. Also, since I can never save my PayPal money I bought this last night. Like I need more but it looks pretty. Off for now there is an Indiana Jones marathon on the SciFi channel right now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Frogging We Will Go

Ok so I got some good advice from Liska on a Ravelry ugh! support group board. Her advice was to just frog the yoke and then take the arms back to where I need them and re-knit the yoke. I like this idea much more than cutting. I don't know what I was thinking. Desperate knitter brain I guess.

Well first the yoke seemed so long! Then upon further investigation I noticed that the back was 6 inches too wide! I know I am HUGE but not that HUGE! So I am going to frog the back as well.

*huge enourmous sigh*

Thankfully the front is ok and the arms are perfect around except for the length so I still have to frog those back a bit. I got pretty irritated last night looking at all my work going back into a ball.

There is a bright side to all of this I am SURE that when I am done I will have more than enough yarn to make Riley or Jake a sweater. I have had problems with Riley having a wool sensitivity in the past but only on her bare skin. So I am thinking of making Starsky Jr. I think this yarn would be great for this project! But maybe I should just do cables instead of the leaf pattern because then if Riley is super sensitive to it Jake can wear it?

Speaking of Riley I can't ever take a picture of anything without taking a picture of her. Gotta love it!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dissappointment, Major Knitting Trouble, Advice Needed!

UPDATE: Pictures now added!...help!

While on a day trip to Yakima (the Palm Springs of Washington) this weekend I had a lot of time to finish the yoke on Mariah. Well.... I finished with my yoke and I am in the least rather dissappointed. Maybe I am the only dummy that didn't understand the designers arm instructions. They turned out so freaking LONG!

Here is the deal. There is a chart and you work the arms first. The way I understood the instructions was to work to the end of the chart then put the arms aside. Then when you get to the yoke you then work the ribbing like on the bottom but the case is you should be continuing the chart and you shouldn't have gone to point whatever. You should be hitting that point at the very top of the shoulder into the yoke decreasing. So where the chart should be at the top of my shoulder is actually 5 inches lower than that with a reverse stockinette stitch for a few rows after the chart as is called! At first I thought I could just roll up the bottom of the sleeves but then the arm bunches (due to the reverse stockinette) at the "I should be at your shoulder point!"

I am so far into this project that I seriously get nautious when I look at it. All I have left to do is finish the hood. I feel like I should have caught this! I am much more advanced as a knitter for this mistake! How did I let this happen to me?!

Ok here is where I need knitterly advice and it might be better to understand once I post pictures later. So, what I am thinking of doing is this...

What if I just go along and finishing the knitting part of the sweater which is the rest of the hood. After that is done, since I already seamed up the sides and the arms, is going ahead and cutting out the arms inside the yoke decreases and fixing the live stitches and sewing back to the inside of the yoke. Then I have the oh too long sleeve that will be shaped somewhat like this

My next endeavor would be to take out the extra top of the shoulder ribbing which is about 5 inches! then knitting it to fit the arm area that is cut out.

Does this sound correct? Or should I cut it out finish the sweater off in the yoke like I said before and just frog the whole sleeve and start the sleeves over and just do them correctly and then just shape the top to fit the yoke? But really maybe that would be a waste of time because I already have most of the arm done and I could just finish it like I said above. Does that make sense. In the mean time I will be pulling my hair out and working on a new project!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Etsy Purchase

I purchased this today on etsy. Gasp! A non little knits order I know but I was drawn to this and it looks like a good price. This seller has a lot of positive feedback so we will see. Plus who doesn't like to get fluffy yarn packages in the mail?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Poor Tummies

My poor dogs. They were so gassy last night. I mean TMI but it was so bad that I was near throwing up. After discussing whether or not we were all going to die from the fumes my husband and I realized that we had BOTH been feeding them all week in the morning. Poor things and sweet hubby. Normally feeding the dogs is "my chore" as soon as I get up that is one of the first things that I do. Well, since the foot injury my husband had been feeding the dogs for me but neglected to let me know. I'll forgive him for that one. Look at their poor swollen tummies!

I know this picture with bob looks like a mess. Well it is but it isn't. See we had washed the dog bed covers and put them down to get other laundry and bob couldn't wait to lay on them.

Have I mentioned that I am going freaking cabin fever crazy over here! Well... I am. I have been up too much the past few days too and my foot just aches all day. There is one positive aspect to all this... a lot of knitting gets done. I feel that I am now in the home stretch on Mariah. The other day I finished all the separate elements and joined them. I am now working on the yoke. The pattern also calls for finishing at the end (sewing arm and side seams), but l needed to see more progress so I did that as well. Plus I wanted to try it on.

To add to everything Riley hasn't been feeling well the past few days. At least she has bob to keep her comfortable.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here's the deal

So I got a ride to my doctor appointment yesterday and here is what he said. He saw my x-rays and saw where my bone chipped off and it is right where ligaments attach to the ankle. He also said from my description of how I fell (or flew to the ground) that I really pulled and over stretched just about all the ligaments in my foot and that is why I am feeling pain up into my calf and chin.

So he is sending me off to a foot specialist who I am supposed to call/see next week. He also said he anticipates that I will be in this boot for at least 6 weeks and that I should at least be on crutches for another week. grrrrrrr!

Let me tell you how annoying this is. I mean sure it is nice to have people "fetch" things for you but as a mother and a stay at home mother at that it is very aggravating. I hate feeling dependant on other people especially my children for help. It is so bad that I was actually going to drive myself to the doctor yesterday and my cousin happened to call and say hi and I told her what happened and she insisted on driving me.

So there it is. Today this morning I have done a few houseworkerly chores. I tidied up the kitchen as much as I could and did a load of laundry but man that makes my foot hurt! I just need to put my pride aside and get better I guess.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Have to share

I knit this soaker yesterday for a baby shower I am going to today. It is so freaking cute. The yarn that I chose turned into this camo print! I had no idea that would happen but I love it. It is Laines du Nord Korall Fancy. It could be that I was going in the round at only 64 stitches and that caused the camo effect. However I would totally recommend this yarn for kids' projects if this is the result.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I got mine!

You need to go get yours! I stopped by Little Knits today to get my BFL yarn for Tempest. I have to say I have NEVER run out so fast to get yarn for a project. Granted it did fall in close timing with payday which helps but I just love this yarn! I have been coveting it for a while and now there is a cute cute cute project just for it! The colors I chose (Raspberry and Burgundy) do not contrast as much as the colors shown in the pattern but this was on purpose. I think that with my figure and the horizontal lines that less contrast will look better on me and actually they do contrast more than is shown in the picture. I can't wait to cast on. Although I really need to finish Mariah first and then I am knitting myself a shrug out of Creme. Which if you have not tried it you really really really should. It knits up so nicely and is gorgeous!

So as far as the foot goes it still freaking hurts! I really don't think it should hurt this much still. I woke up crying in pain today which really I have a higher pain tolerance than this and that worries me. I had to use the freaking electric cart at the grocery store! Let me tell you how much that sucks.....it sucks dog poo!

Ok off for now we are going to Claim Jumper for dinner with some friends.....yum! I have been craving ribs for weeks!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Despite the foot....

I have knitting progress. I am on the right front of Mariah now. So I just need to finish this section then I start on the yoke and the hood. Also did anyone see the knitty suprise? I love it! I figured since I am doing the sweater for myself thing now I had to make it! I already ordered my BFL from Little Knits. I am going in Saturday to pick it up and I think I will also get some yarn for Talia too. Such a good deal I can't pass it up and that pattern actually goes up to my size which I love.

I can't wait to see the ladies! So as far as the foot goes I am a little concerned. I noticed last night that I am not able to curl my toes down they just shake. Also there is a swollen ball of something in the arch of my foot. I am a bit irritated that while in the ER I was never checked out by a doctor. All they did was look at the x-rays and that was it. I am thinking there is more damage then just the broken piece of bone. I do have an appointment with my PCP on Monday so I am curious to see what he says.

Anyway I am totally BORED! I know this is a perfect time to do my favorite hobby but I wish I could do more. I have some sewing that I was going to get done before a baby shower on sunday. I have never sewed with my left foot though. We'll see........