Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent 2009

Being a Catholic I try to give up something every year. This year I have decided I will give up something to make me a better person and things to make me look better. I have also decided that when it comes to myself the word try will no longer be in my vocabulary. I will either do it or don't.

For this year to make myself a better person I am giving up swearing. Yes people I have a potty mouth. A BIG one. I have decided that not "swearing" includes anything that I would not want my 5 and 3 year old to say. Which I know extends beyond the normal swear words.

To make myself look better I have decided on the following (I can't claim this as my idea by the way, thanks Dan). I am going to work out every day throughout Lent. Even if I don't get to the gym I am going to get my heart rate up for 30 minutes every day. I am also not going to drink soda even though we only drink diet in our house. I am also giving up fast food entirely.

I know this may sound like a lot but I am no longer trying I am doing. Since my last weight post I have not been very good with my eating habits at all and I have lost one pound since then (257!!!!). I know a pound is good but I let myself down by not keeping at the routine I was on.

I have to also remember that I am gaining a lot of muscle. You should all see the guns I have! In other good news I cut a minute off of my mile time so I am now doing a 15 minute mile and today I put on some jeans that are a size smaller and they fit! Comfortably!

I am now off to drink a glass of water.

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Vicki said...

WE are both from Burien, Both Catholic. I have a feeling we have seen each other around.
Do you go to St. Francis?