Sunday, February 08, 2009

Something Done

I have been finishing some knit projects in addition to the Twilight Series! I have mixed feelings on the ending but it was done how I figured the author would have written it. Corey we will discuss when you are done *wink*. I do have the Sookie Stackhouse boxed set here, which I hear is very good. I have to say the True Blood series on HBO is a guilty pleasure of mine. I just LOVE it. Not for kids at all and I get to watch it by myself after everyone is in bed as Paul hates it. As much as I love the show and have heard good things about I the books I think I need to take a vampire break for just a bit. I started Hattie Big Sky yesterday and it seemes like a cute quick read. Since I started reading the Twilight books last month it had been quite a while since I read consistently, I think since last summer actually. I love reading I always have and I am glad we found each other again.

Here are my Conwy socks. These were finished a little bit ago I just haven't taken the time to take pictures and post.

I also finished Selbu Modern which I will post in a day or so. I have a laundry list of things I have started to knit. I can't seem to just sit and work on a project for some reason. Here is what I have going...
February Lady Sweater
Panda Cotton Socks for Riley my own design
Gentlemen's Plain Winter Socks
Another Selbu Modern for my cousin
Briar Rose

These are just what I have started recently. These don't include the basket full of things I have started and put aside! More later...

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