Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ad is up!

My first Ravelry ad is now up and running on a few discussion boards. It is running through the month of September. Here it is! It is showing up much smaller here but if you click on the banner you can see the full size.

I also scored a Notebook ad space on Ravelry for next month. From what I hear this as brings in a lot of revenue for people and is seen more. This is my notebook ad.

I do have knitting progress too. I plan on doing A TON of knitting over the holiday weekend. We normally head to the lake but the weather forecast does not look favorable for the weekend as you can see.

This looks like a good weekend to stay home, rent a lot of good movies, get stuff done around the house. I am sewing school clothes for Riley again and they are turning out incredibly cute so we will have to have a modeling session over the weekend for those too. Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

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