Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well I "finished" my pullover only to find it was much too short for my comfort level. I did make it a size smaller because I am still losing weight and plan to lose much more over the next year. Thus, why make larger knits and spend the time using beautiful yarn only to have them be too large in the end. The fit overall isn't too terribly horrible, other than being short, it is tighter than my comfort level in the stomach.

I need to remember that I have felt more comfortable in baggy clothes because I was hiding my larger self. Now that I am losing weight I need to remember that I actually look better in more figure flattering clothes. Not to say I need everything skin tight but there is a nice middle road. As I get back to the body I had 12 years ago I will get more used to this.

So sunday night I cut the bottom ribbing off to get to the stockinette section. If there is a way to cut just the cast on edge without having to go stitch by stitch and untie where the purl stitches meet the knit stitches please let me know. If you have done this I think you know what I am talking about and can see what I mean.

So I have two balls left and I am going to add a ball of ribbing onto the front and the back and then it will be PERFECT!

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mildawg said...

Why not make accessories while losing weight? You can look fabulous and have a timeless fit.
Also, congratulations!