Friday, October 09, 2009


Last weekend my brother, my only sibling, got married. It was such a beautiful and fun event and I feel so blessed to have been asked to be a part of it. Now to share some pictures. :)

Believe it or not this picture was NOT posed. This was the first time that Jake saw Riley all dressed up and he just kept staring at her and telling her how pretty she looked. Then he put his arm around her. I am so glad we got this shot.

The dresses were very pretty and flattering to all figures. Mine fit really nicely and actually was just a bit too small the day of the wedding. I know I lost about 7 pounds in the few weeks before the wedding and more than that from the time I was fitted for the dress. It made me happy!

Lastly this was THE BEST wedding party gift ever! They had a photo booth and there was one strip to put in the guest book then you took a strip home. There was no limit on the amount of times you could enter the booth too. These lovely women were just there the whole reception putting up with all of us.