Thursday, December 17, 2009

4 more pounds!

I did have higher goals for this year as far as my weight loss goes. I have now realized that they were probably a bit too lofty with being a mother, wife, working from home and working part-time as well. However, with that said. I am now 4 pounds away from a weight loss of 40 pounds for 2009! I don't know how I did it but I lost 6 pounds over the last month and a half.

I don't have the feeling of pride very often but dammit I am so proud of myself. I still have 50 pounds to meet my weight goal. It has been so long since I have been this "thin". I am talking probably 3 years.

Ultimately at this point I would be happy fitting into my size 16 jeans that I have tucked away. What actually spurred this post is that I was looking for something to wear today and most of my pants are now too big so I was delving into my smaller pants and I can actually button some of them up! Granted I don't want to subject people to the uncomfortable spare tire hanging over but I can button them now!

So hopefully I can lose those 4 pounds in the next two weeks. My friend on the Wii says that 3 pounds every 2 weeks is healthy. Really it doesn't matter at this point. I am actually feeling better about my body every day which has not happened in a very very long time. Going to the gym is fun! How did that happen? Running on that treadmill watching cash cab and answering the questions out loud and possibly annoying the person next to me is my meditation for the day.

So I promise that on January 1, 2010 I will have Paul take a picture of me and I will find some old pictures for a little photo watch Sarah get smaller montage.

In knitting news, because that is how this blog actually got started, I did finish a slouchy hat, fingerless mitt combo out of Plymouth Tweed. I have been wearing them a lot in the cold weather we have been having in Seattle. I need to get photos of those too but we have been having a torrential downpour here the past few days. Plus by the time Paul or I get home it is dark out and I just hate taking pictures with indoor lighting. I am also trying to knit the kids socks before Christmas as presents. That can be done. I finished one sock for Jake in two nights of TV watching. I was working on the Braided Pullover out of Divine (the name does say it all). That could have been done by Christmas Eve mass but the kids ARE more important.

That is all for now. Wishing everyone a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Grandma's Obituary

I am glad I found the following online. I got a copy of this today and it is a pretty long one to type all out.

September 28, 1907
December 2, 2009

A descendent of two of the early pioneer families of Clallam and Jefferson counties, Vivian "Riley" Blake, the eldest of six children born to Zora May Riley and Don Joseph Carlos Cramer, died at 102 of age-related causes.

She married at 16 to Gustave Stange of Pysht. They had two daughters, Mildred Theodora and Beverly June. The marriage later ended in divorce.

When Mildred, her first daughter, started school at Clallam Bay, Vivian looked into finishing her education, too.

In those days, it was hard to convince the School Board that a married woman should return to school. Hazel K. Murray, who was the principal at the time, thought differently, and made it happen.

Vivian graduated from Clallam Bay High School in 1933, and considered it one of her proudest accomplishments.

World War II found many leaving the farm and heading for work in Seattle shipyards. "Rosie the Riveters" were needed for the war effort, so Vivian entered a new aspect of her life, and became "Riley the Welder."

Later, she became the head of cashiers for Group Health Cooperative for 10 years, then office manager for the electricians' IBEW Union for another 10, and lastly worked as secretary at the Capitol for state Representatives Bob Perry of the 45th District and Paul Conner of Port Angeles.

In 1944, Riley married Aubrey "Red" Blake, and they had one daughter, Cheryl Lynn. They celebrated 54 years together before his passing in 1999.

Red and Riley didn't let the dust collect under their feet after retirement. They first retired to their home on Lake Loma in Marysville, Washington, then to Sheridan, Montana, to be near their daughter, Cheryl, and her family.

After Cheryl's passing, they moved back to Seattle.

Always the "snowbirds," they lived in Arizona and Southern California, traveled to Mexico, Hawaii and the Bahamas -- anywhere with warm winter weather.

The Blakes moved to Port Angeles in 1997 and resided at Park View Villa.

Riley says her finest memories are the great times she has shared with her family and many friends. She contributed her ­longevity to good genes and a full active life, taking the good with the bad.

"If you don't have good memories, you have nothing." she said.

She is survived by daughter and son-in-law Mildred and Larry McQueen of Oregon and daughter and son-in-law Beverly and Earl Hamilton of Port Angeles.

Also surviving her are eight grandchildren, Vivian Browne, John Hamilton, Debbie Alexander, Darby Ragghianti, Bertina Ody, Carol Hamilton, Blake Carey and Reece Carey.

She also has 12 great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by husband Aubrey; daughter Cheryl Carey and great-granddaughter Haley Hamilton.

Vivian and Aubrey will be laid to rest side by side in Curlew Cemetery, Curlew, Washington. Father George Morbeck of Immaculate Conception Church, Republic, Washington, will officiate at the graveside services. The family will gather and exchange their warm and loving memories of both "Red" and "Riley."

The family wishes to express their thanks to their Mother's and Grandmother's extended family at Park View Villa, and her caregivers, Sandy and Kim.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Found a picture

I found a picture from my great grandmother's 100th birthday party two years ago. This is a picture of 5 generations of women all through the maternal line.

I did find more pictures from my wedding which was over 7 years ago but I was too exhausted to scan them last night. There is beautiful one of us together and I can't find that one either. Frustrating.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Goodbye Great Grandma

This week has been a little rough for me. Today my 102 year old great grandmother passed away. She was so healthy and till the moment of her death was as lucid as she was 20 years ago. Her body just finally quit and she could not longer eat and it took about half a week for her to finally pass.

I did get to call her and tell her how much I completely adored her and that I will miss her terribly. I don't know if I have mentioned this here but my daughter Riley is named after my great grandmother. Since my Riley's birth she has just been so honored to have a namesake.

I have so many fond memories of time spent with her growing up. What I will remember most is every time I saw her she would tell me how proud of me she was and what a beautiful girl I was (when I was younger) then to the woman I was becoming then to the woman I was. Even when I came home from college with an eyebrow ring or after I had gained 50 pounds after having Riley and didn't necessarily feel very beautiful. What mattered most is that it was completely sincere every time.

I feel very fortunate to be 31 and mourning the death of my great grandmother instead of possibly not knowing this amazing person at all. I went through some pictures and I will post a few later this week.