Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blogging? What is blogging?

Wow because I obviously DO NOT know how to blog!

The weather here has been gorgeous so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Here is a fun video for you all.
The kids have been in the pool every day since I got it a few weeks ago. It has been a well used $20 investment thus far. I am not sure what is funnier about this video, Riley's dramatic story telling or Jake being himself in the background.

Paul is back to work full time again which is a blessing. Unfortunately people were laid off so he is working his job and another person's job. I hate feeling grateful when someone else had to suffer for our good fortune.

I have been knitting. I have a good friend who is having a baby in July and I finished the Monkey blanket from Twist and then made another surprise. I am going to post pictures after I give the gift in a few weeks.

Riley finishes Kindergarten next week! I can't believe it. The year did go by fast and I just can't believe that my oldest child is going to be 6 next month.

On the weight loss front I have lost just over 20 pounds since January 6th. There are some pants that I bought a few weeks ago that are already looser on me which is great! However, I can't keep buying new clothes all the time but then my big clothes just look weird on me. I am planning on losing 30 more pounds by October.

In other knitting news I have picked up Mariah again. This will be the third time I attempt getting this right. My gauge was HORRIBLY off the second time and now I have it right. It is amazing how much faster a garment goes when you aren't knitting a tent. I kept the sleeves because they were fine the whole time and I finished the back last night.

That is about it. More pictures to come.