Friday, August 28, 2009

Updating the ol shop!

I have been dying yarn like crazy the past few weeks. I have GREAT timing! I finished up yesterday and my HORRIBLE cold really hit today. Here are a few pictures. Everything can be found at my Etsy shop.

I do need to take more pictures of the batch that I finished up this week but I do not feel like getting off the couch for a photo shoot. I think that working on the rest of my stitch markers and finishing up my recent knitting project (Ravelry link) is a better idea.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flora Dress

This project sat on my table for a while. The knitting was done but I put off the finishing. I am so happy with the finished product. Riley loves it too. When it was time to go to bed today she was worried about where she would put her new outfit and just wanted to wear it to bed.

Project details are as follows: Ravelry Project Page

Flora Dress made in size 2 (the size 6 which I should have made for her was incredibly huge and would have fit a small adult). Because I bought enough yarn to make the size 6 I had more than enough yarn left over to make a matching shrug to cover Riley's arms if she gets cold. I actually still have almost 1 ball of each color still left over.
Yarn: Goby purchased at Little Knits. This used roughly 4 skeins for the dress and less than one each for the shrug.
I have never worked with this yarn before and it makes a luxurious fabric, however, due to the mix of fibers (cotton, rayon) it tended to fray and stick together a lot at the yarn ends. Normally I like to weave in my ends and then clip them after washing/blocking but I ended up doing this as I was working through the project. Regardless of this issue I would recommend this yarn. It is very pretty and feminine.

Adjustments: I did not knit the body as long as suggested. I thought that an empire waisted garment would look better. I also did not make this a dress. I liked the idea of it being a long top instead.

End result: One happy 6 year old.