Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aw Crap!

The 2010 Winter Knitting Olympics are under way. I have decided to tackle argyle socks this year. As you can see I have a mess on my hands. I now realize I should have worked on a swatch or two before I eagerly dove into my project. Appropriately I will be ripping this out after I finish this blog post.

A few problems are as follows:
• Well, just look at the picture.
• I am using size US 1.5 needles and the guage is too large so I am going down to size US 1.
• Since I am inexperienced with intarsia knitting there are a few holes where the colors change.
• The ribbing is too short. Normally it would be ok. I am ripping it all out I might as well fix it.
• Well, just look at the picture.

So now after I rip out my knitting I am going to to check out her intarsia tutorial. Hind sight IS always 20/20 right?

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affectioknit said...

Awesome socks - I can't wait to see them!