Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cove to Clover

I ran my first ever 5K today. I drug my husband along with me. I am sure he will thank me later. I must disclose that I did not run the whole race it was very much a walk / jog sort of thing for me.

Here we are at the start. What a beautiful place. This is The Cove right on the Puget Sound.

Here I am getting psyched up for the race. I am actually very nervous here and I do things like this to calm down. I know it is weird.

This is the lineup waiting for the race to start. Can you see the signs in the distance? If you happen to run a 5-6 minute mile you go to the front. Notice how far away from those signs we are?

My parents brought the kids to the finish line to cheer us on. I cried. I am such a sap. However, this was a big accomplishment in my weight loss process. I am proud. I ran in according to my cell phone clock 54 minutes so I hit under an hour and I wasn't last. Those were my two goals.

The best part is the beer afterward.


goodkarma said...

AWESOME! I am soooo proud of you!!!

Fulay said...

Woohoooo! Here is to the next one. You inspired me to go for a run in the evening, which is usually reserved for the gym only.

BTW - I just emailed you a comment. Can you say duh? Just ignore that email.

affectioknit said...


Chasing bugs to the Max said...

I am so proud of you guys....that looks like a ton of fun! I want to do with you next year!

mildawg said...

Congratulations! I'm very proud.