Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Knitting

I hurt my hand. Being the klutziest person in the entire universe is really catching up with me. Last Friday I tripped... on my pants... and fell. However, if just tripping on my pants and falling at 24 weeks pregnant wasn't enough I had to hit my right hand on the TV on my way down. I basically punched the edge of the TV set. We have a large big screen TV that is about 7 years old. So it isn't a light weight skinny thing. It is bulky and is not forgiving.

My pinky finger and that side of my hand bruised and swelled right away as well as hurt. The HURT! OMG! I have had two children but this really hurt. THE best part of this whole situation was that I was also stuck at home. My husband mistakingly took my keys with him in his pocket to work. He felt horribly but it was an honest mistake. After a few hours I got in touch with my mom and my dad watched the kids while my mom took me to the ER. Our local hospital just finished renovating their ER and I have to say the change is amazing! What used to take 4+ hours took just over 1.

I was diagnosed with a boxers sprain as there was no break. Otherwise it would have been a boxers fracture. Funny. Almost a week later I still have swelling and deep bruises. Knitting hurts. I am still piggy back taping it to my ring finger because movement is still pretty painful as well.

I am hoping next week I will feel better. Organizing and nesting is now occupying my time.

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affectioknit said...

Oh no! I hope your hand heals quickly!