Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween Fun

We had a really low key Halloween this year mostly due to the pregnancy. Normally we meet up with friends and go with a large group of parents and children and trick or treat until our children are exhausted. Well, due to my expanding belly and lack of room for lungs we decided to just stick around our own neighborhood. Oh and it was a school night. We told the kids when their buckets filled up we were done. However, since mommy loves chocolate I stashed a pillow case in my coat pocket just in case we could talk daddy into just a bit more time. It worked!

My son who is so sensitive when it comes to anything remotely scary HAD to be this werewolf. My husband and I didn't influence his decision at all. I even suggested a few other costumes which he quickly turned down. I am proud of him for choosing something which a child his age might be too scared to wear. I think he took a big step in growing up and learning what is real and what is fake and overcoming a fear.

Riley who had just gone to the zoo the day before we bought their costumes wanted to be a zookeeper. Unfortunately when you go to the costume store two days before Halloween most of the sizes are sold. Thus, the only zookeeper costume was in toddler size. However, Indiana Jones dresses like a zookeeper AND he carries a whip! The monkey is courtesy of uncle Keith and his gift to Riley from his Honeymoon.

I decided to go as the uncomfortable 7 month pregnant woman. :)

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affectioknit said...

Sweet costumes - yours too! Happy Halloween!