Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Reading or Lack Thereof

Remember the stack of books I was going to get through this summer? It did not happen. I just was not feeling the reading vibe. I finished one book! ONE BOOK! To Kill a Mockingbird.

I had heard great things about this book. It was a good book but not the best book I have ever read. I can see why it is chosen as class assignments but I have read better. Although I am glad I can now say that I have read the book. I hate that there are so many classics that I have not read.

I am a few pages into The Catcher in the Rye and it looks pretty interesting so far. I have been a few pages into this book since August. I just can't get into reading. I love reading. What is wrong with me? Oh that's right. I am nesting. Like a mad woman. It all started when we pulled the baby clothes down from the attic. All 18 boxes of them. So I had to sort through them, get rid of the boy clothes and decide which girl clothes I wanted to keep. Then I needed to clear a space for them. Well the space I needed was holding my yarn so I needed to clean out our closet so the yarn could have a new place to live. Then of course I needed to clean off the top of Paul's dresser to store the diapers and have a changing area. Everything just spiraled from that project. Now I have done the hall closet, the linen closet, a very cluttered dining room and bins of junk that have just been sitting in random spots of our home. I have filled up our entry way 4 times now with items we no longer need and have removed them from our house. IT FEELS SO GOOD!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Knitting

I hurt my hand. Being the klutziest person in the entire universe is really catching up with me. Last Friday I tripped... on my pants... and fell. However, if just tripping on my pants and falling at 24 weeks pregnant wasn't enough I had to hit my right hand on the TV on my way down. I basically punched the edge of the TV set. We have a large big screen TV that is about 7 years old. So it isn't a light weight skinny thing. It is bulky and is not forgiving.

My pinky finger and that side of my hand bruised and swelled right away as well as hurt. The HURT! OMG! I have had two children but this really hurt. THE best part of this whole situation was that I was also stuck at home. My husband mistakingly took my keys with him in his pocket to work. He felt horribly but it was an honest mistake. After a few hours I got in touch with my mom and my dad watched the kids while my mom took me to the ER. Our local hospital just finished renovating their ER and I have to say the change is amazing! What used to take 4+ hours took just over 1.

I was diagnosed with a boxers sprain as there was no break. Otherwise it would have been a boxers fracture. Funny. Almost a week later I still have swelling and deep bruises. Knitting hurts. I am still piggy back taping it to my ring finger because movement is still pretty painful as well.

I am hoping next week I will feel better. Organizing and nesting is now occupying my time.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School

We marked off another mile stone in the parent memory book. Jake had his first day of school... ever! He started Kindergarten today and loved it so much that he got upset when we came to pick him up and said he did not want to go home yet. I don't really blame him. He has an amazing teacher and he was only there for two and a half hours which really doesn't seem long enough at all. Every other Friday he will be going for 5 hours so it evens out.

Riley also had her first day of second grade. She said they did "all the fun stuff" today. Her teacher seems very nice and I am sure we will be pleased. Riley also has some of her good friends from the past few years in her class as well. She was excited and said she couldn't wait to go back tomorrow. The challenge now is to make sure they love school this much when they are 13.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Our First Rodeo

As a birthday present our very good friends took us to the Ellensburg Rodeo. It was a blast! Us city kids had such a good time. The seats were right up front across from the gates so we got the best possible experience. The kids keep asking when we will go again. They have also been telling everyone they meet about the Rodeo. Thankfully my camera has sports action shooting so I got some decent shots.

The pure athleticism of rider and animal amaze me.

This picture is getting framed and put in the kids' room.

The reason why there is so much pink being worn is because it was "Not Too Tough To Wear Pink" Day. I loved seeing all the rough and tough cowboys sporting their pink and really still looking very tough.

Again we had so much fun. We will definitely be taking the kids back again. Even though we live in Western Washington and Ellensburg is over the mountains it really is only two hours away. That is not much of a drive for the day we had and the experience I got to see on my children's faces.