Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting back to knitting

My finger is still not healed. I am not sure exactly how you heal a pinkie finger that has been horribly sprained. I guess just baby it? I have been trying and in between the pain I knit a sweater for Hannah. The yarn is madelinetosh Pashmina. YES pricy for a baby sweater but OH SO NICE to knit with!

I am so fortunate to have a vintage button stash near by at my mother's house as well. She has more than enough buttons passed down from my great grandmother to last a few lifetimes.

The hat was finished a while ago but I just have not gotten around to taking any pictures of it. I knit it before I found out if we were having a boy or a girl out of excess yarn I had. Then I added the flower later. I think this will be the coming home hat.

The coming home! I am getting so antsy for Hannah's birth day! I am just about 31 weeks and I forgot how agonizing the last few months of a pregnancy can be for someone who STILL peeks at Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we took the kids on a trip to a local pumpkin patch. It was a smaller farm but there was free admission and our kids didn't even notice there wasn't a tractor or hay ride. They did have a bunch of antique and newer farm machinery and trucks that the kids were more than welcome to climb and play on. We were only there a short time before it started pouring down rain but with two little kids running around from animal pen to animal pen a pumpkin patch visit can go very fast. Plus they were excited to get home and carve their pumpkins.

Notice the pumpkin guts on the wall that I got to scrub off.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Step Into Motherhood

Last night I attended an informational meeting for Girl Scouts of Western Washington. Riley was so excited to tell me about this meeting that she could hardly contain herself when I picked her up from school last week. She was shoving the paper in my face as I was trying to exit the school parking lot. I was never a girl scout. I remember asking when I was Riley's age but for some reason I was not able to join. Probably scheduling conflicts with my parent's work schedules or something. How can I say no? She is so excited and we have yet to put her in a sport or other group due to our own work conflicts. Now that I am an official stay at home mother I have the time to have this opportunity with my daughter and what a perfect way to get her involved in something.

Boy Scouts starts in the spring and Jake has already informed Paul that he is joining.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Grandpa Chair

I used to have a nemesis living in my home. After much nagging and crazy talk about taking it in the back yard and setting it aflame it is FINALLY GONE! We had the world's cheapest, crappiest, most uncomfortable, ugly couch. I thought of taking photographs of this dreaded creature but I am too embarrassed that it actually lived with us for so long. It was more of a dog bed in the end than a couch. When it met it's end at the dump the cushions were torn up as well as the arms and it stunk! Not to mention that our house is just too small for two large couches. It was the best $30 we have ever spent!

For some crazy reason my husband thought it was comfortable. I prefer the couch I sit on where the cushions don't slide off when you sit down and the fabric is actually worth something and does not rip under the slightest pressure. No wonder the previous owner was giving it away! Oh! Plus I can shampoo the couch I am sitting on without staining it! You are really wishing I took pictures of the ugly couch now aren't you?

My husband has been wanting a recliner for some time. I think every man needs a recliner of some sort. Due to the baby coming and saving money for the birth and other events next year we were not able to run out and get a brand new chair. So we headed to the Goodwill. There is a rather large Goodwill in Seattle and I remembered they had nice selection of furniture the last time I was there. My husband sat in every recliner they had and they either did not lay back far enough or the reclining motion seemed too worn out. I spotted our purchase right when we walked up to the chairs. I loved it from the moment I saw it. I thought it is perfect for our old grandma house. It is small, compact, yet looks comfortable and I bet it would rock a baby to sleep like a dream. "What about this one honey?" He loved it! He said it was the most comfortable and fit all of his recliner criteria. What I love most about it is that the dogs don't fit comfortably on it so they stay off of it! Even better it had a $15 price tag. Meet the newest member of our furniture family. The Grandpa Chair.
Please ignore the lack of window sill and the needed paint around the new window. It is on my list of things to do before baby gets here. ;)