Friday, January 07, 2011

Welcome to the world Hannah

Hannah Dean was born Wednesday January 5th at 5:12 am. We had such an amazing VBAC. I can't thank my birth team enough. I would highly recommend Group Health Seattle. My midwife was so amazing the nurses so helpful and I couldn't have done it without my husband. I have the birth story posted after pictures.

It has been a crazy week with contractions off and on since late Monday night but active labor was just under 7 hours. I tested group B strep positive and unfortunately due to the quick labor I was not able to get the second dose of antibiotics in so I had to stay an extra day at the hospital. Sadly my husband was not able to stay nights with me and due to sleep deprivation, stress, dehydration and fighting pre-eclampsia we did need to give Hannah a touch of supplementation. However, today being her first day home she hasn't needed anything other than me. She nurses well and is content afterward and it appears that my milk is now here which is such a relief. I had a hard time succumbing to the fact that I did need help and let the nurse supplement and take Hannah to the nursery so I could get some sleep last night. I realized I had no had more than a quick nap here or there since Sunday evening. NOT very healthy! Especially for a post pardom woman.

Brother and sister are enamored with her and want to hold her all the time. They are proving to be very good helpers. I am so happy to finally be home in my own bed, in my own clothes and with my family. God is so amazing and I see His glory when I look at my complete family. So without further adieu the pictures!

Hannah's Birth Story

I don't really know where to begin. This was the birth that I always wanted. It sounds so silly so say out loud but it really was.

So I started noticing regular contractions Monday evening into the night and early Tuesday morning. We went to the birthing center to get checked out and I was only at 1.5 50% effaced and no contractions were showing up on the monitor which doesn't necessarily mean anything but I wasn't progressed enough to stay. So my midwife sent me home and told me to rest and drink a lot of water and that we would probably be back later that night. We got home Tuesday around 6:30 am and took a nap until about 10. DH and I had a nice drive up to the mountains and rested and around dinner time my contractions picked up more and by 9pm were pretty regular and to where I had to concentrate through them.

Another trip to the birth center and I got checked and I had only dilated another cm. I was frustrated but there were regular contractions showing up on the machine. So my midwife had me get up and do circles around the unit for an hour. After that hour I did progress another cm and thinned out a bit more. We checked into our room around 10:30pm and my labor started to pick up from there.

I was able to labor how I wanted. I labored in the tub for a while, on the birthing ball, hunched over the ball. I was very focussed on making sure Hannah stayed in a good position for birthing. The only annoying thing was I had to have a hep lock and antibiotics for GBS+ and the baby had to be constantly monitored. So if she moved the nurse had to touch me and during a contraction it is highly annoying but I kept reminding myself that a VBAC is worth the minor annoyance.

When I hit transition I felt like throwing in the towel and wanted the epidural so bad! I put in my birth plan to NOT offer and that I would hit a wall and needed encouragement. WOW! Did they listen. They were so supportive and my midwife said to check me and I was now at 8cm. She then told me that I went from 4cm to 8cm in just an hour. NO WONDER! So transition was rearing it's ugly head. I kept reminding myself that we were almost done. My bag of waters was bulging and Hannah was so low. I was told if I felt a need to push I could. I labored a bit more and got to 9cm fast. My midwife then recommended breaking my water because the baby was right there and figured she would be born soon after.

After she broke my water my cervix was barely there and she said if I wanted to push it was okay and just do what my body told me to do. This is my first labor with no epidural at the end. So this is my first time feeling that real urge to just bear down and push a baby out. It is amazing! The next contraction I felt that urge and just bore down and it felt so good. I heard my husband say "Oh my gosh wow!" or something like that and then my mom was saying something so I reached down and she was crowning in that one push. At that point I knew we were so close to being done and I pushed again. It was going so fast that my midwife had to tell me to just hold on a second so she could get a few things together and get gloves on. After a few more pushes Hannah was out! My DH said in total it was just 4 good pushes. So from the time my water broke to birth was 10 minutes.

After Hannah was born they put her directly on my chest and the nurse said it would be cool to let her crawl to my nipple but I got impatient and moved her to my breast after a bit ;) Hannah stayed on my chest all through the placenta delivery and fixing a few tears (perineum in tact) and I did notice a delay in cutting the cord even though I didn't ask which was nice. She had a big poop coming out and a big pee during the first nursing which I loved because that didn't pump up her birth weight.

All in all it was an amazing VBAC experience. If I can just totally recommend birthing at Group Health Capitol Hill in Seattle. They are so pro natural birth and VBAC and I know I would not have had this experience anywhere else!


Bits & Pieces said...

Congratulations Sarah
(and entire family)!!! Corey had let me know about Hannah's arrival and ever since I have been regularly checking your blog and waiting expectantly for pictures. Hannah is beautiful! What a lucky girl to have such doting older siblings! Can't wait to see more postings and pics!

affectioknit said...

Congratulations and Blessings! What a beautiful baby!

Carrie said...

What an amazing birth story! Congratulations!