Monday, February 14, 2011

These Feet

I have a thing for baby feet. I love them! I can't stand how cute they are. So tiny and soft I just want to eat them up! The other day as I was snapping a bunch of pictures of Hannah's feet I got a little sentimental. Call it new mom hormones I guess.

These feet will take their first steps then second then so on. Where will they go? Will they grace the steps of the oval office or the surgical floor of a major hospital or maybe a second grade classroom or maybe just stay at her home with her own children? It is amazing to see your children as tiny babies and as they grow. I wonder if my mother looks at me now and maybe I make a certain face or look at her a certain way does she think back to when I was a baby and does her heart melt just a little bit? I know this happens to me with my children now.

Whatever Hannah grows up to be I will remember her baby feet and be proud of wherever those feet go in life.


affectioknit said...

Sweet! Happy Valentines Day!

Palma said...

Love those feet! Love your Seattle-licious new web design! Love your new shawl! Amazing woman, you are! Palma