Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Be an organ donor

Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of Kris Kime's death. I went to high school with Kris and we shared a number of classes. If you asked anyone who knew Kris they would most likely say he was one of the nicest people they knew. This was definitely true. I have known the Kime's for quite a long time as my brother was a boy scout with Kris' younger brother and they remain friends. Kris' death rocked the Burien community and has changes how Mardi Gras is celebrated in Seattle. You can read the full story on his death and his mother's comments here on the B-Town Blog. In short Kris being who he was, defended a woman who was being beat in the street and a heartless 17 year old beat him to death for stepping in. The man who killed him continues to break the law and is what I consider a career criminal. However, due to the legal system he keeps pleading for lesser charges and is awarded his requests. When in my mind he should be spending much more time in prison for his actions.

The positive of this is that Kris was an organ donor. Now 5 people are living life to the fullest because of him caring enough while alive to want to help other people live after his death.

I am an organ donor. My husband is well aware that I want as much of my body donated as possible after my death. Even if there is nothing left. This body is just an earthly vessel. I do not need any of these parts in eternity with my Savior. So if you are not an organ donor I ask you to reconsider your decision if you have previously not wanted to donate for whatever reason. I also ask that if you just have not changed your status due to lack of time that you find time to do so.

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