Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keeping those hands warm

It has been a cold winter here in western Washington. Our hands get a little chilly when we warm up the cars in the morning. Ironically because I am late to posting these projects we are now on a heat wave with temperatures in the 50s!

The Wristler mitts were meant to be a christmas present for Paul. They were finished a week after Hannah was born. Thankfully my husband knows me well and didn't expect them by Christmas.

They are knit using Cascade 220 super wash wool. While I don't usually choose Cascade yarn much anymore as I now have a preference for hand dyed yarn, Paul perfers very simple manly colors. Something hand dyed even in a "manly" color would not be manly enough. Since Paul goes to work at 4am these mitts have proved very useful. If anyone is wondering I am modeling not him. They are fairly large on me but fit Paul perfectly.

I have been a bit ADD lately when it comes to knitting. I will blame it on having an infant to take care of. I have three sweater projects sitting around if that says anything. One only needs the collar and zipper attached. Another just needs one sleeve and a button band to knit. The other is almost halfway knit. I am not mentioning my other basket of unfinished hats, socks, and baby sweaters. So needless to say fitting in a quick two day project makes me feel good.

These are One Cable Mitts made from Malabrigo Twist. While I adore how this yarn feels it does pill considerably. It probably doesn't help that I have been wearing them non stop. Thankfully I bought them the same day I purchased a sweater stone for another garment. Who knows I would need it for these as well. Riley has requested a pair for herself with the same yarn she has in her personal stash. I think I might have her make them. Are cables too much for a 7 year old? My theory with knitting is if you want to learn something new just dive right in. The worst you will need to do is rip out what you have knit and start over.

If Hannah would have let me this morning I would have given a sneak photo on a knit design I am working on. Since she didn't you get a photo of her. Most of the pictures I have lately of Hannah include blurry limbs. Hannah has discovered she can move them all the time. This doesn't make nursing very easy anymore when we have to maneuver around punching hands and kicking feet. It is still pretty darn cute though.

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