Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Peek

The knitting has been slow going. I do have some finished projects but I can just never find the time to take them. Plus my attire lately has been sweats and t-shirts and those don't really showcase a nice hand knit very well. Not to mention the weather here has been very dreary which doesn't make for a nice picture either. So because of that you get a few sneaks.

Here is Hannah modeling a design I am working on. I did a prototype and just need to finish writing it up then it needs to be test knit. I don't know how some designers whip out patterns left and right. They must not have three children one of whom is an infant.

Here is another pattern in the works. I just finished the chart last night using this great online tool. I should probably finish the first project but I really want to cast on for this.

I have about 10 other designs floating around in my head but don't have the time to get them down. There is always tomorrow and snuggling with red heads is more important.

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affectioknit said...

What sweet babies!