Tuesday, June 14, 2011


First I have to thank my friend Corey for taking this perfect picture. I love it! We haven't gotten a great family picture in a few years. Aside from Hannah not smiling at the camera. I will give her a pass she is only 5 months old after all.

Riley received her first communion on May 14th. Paul wasn't able to snap a picture of that as a woman stepped right in front of him as he clicked the camera. At least I have the mental image to remember which is just as special. Being raised Catholic this was such a special day to watch my first born receive the body and blood of Christ. What is even more special is that she looks forward to taking Christ into her body each week.

Riley was able to get a picture with another girl whom she was baptized with. We see this family at church and it has been so neat to see their daughter and family grow through the years.

Our family definitely needed this happy moment in all of our sadness last month. Unfortunately my mother was not able to attend as she was with my grandmother in her last days. My grandmother would have been so happy and proud of Riley.


Palma said...

Sarah: I was hoping you'd post Communion pictures! Thank you! And, your family portrait is SOOOO good. You all look lovely! So much going on for you lately. My best thoughts to you all. Remember me to your Mom. Love, Palma

affectioknit said...

What a beautiful moment!