Monday, July 18, 2011

Play Ball!

Hannah got to experience her first Mariners game yesterday. We had family visiting from out of town. My parents were very generous and bought us tickets so we could go with them all.

We started our adventure with a ride on the Sounder commuter train. This is fairly new to the area and I wish it would have been built years and years ago. There have been some people that are against building a mass transit system due to the initial costs of building. However, I think it is a great asset to our area. Not only will it ease congestion but it will also take more cars off the road. And it isn't that expensive to ride. In my opinion it is worth the extra tax money. Now I will step off of my soap box.

After we ate our hot dog from a street vendor we went to the game. We had great seats right above the center fielder. Unfortunately the Mariners did not have that great of a day and no home runs came to our area. However, we did make it on the jumbo screen! That was a first and the kids got a kick out of it.

After the game all children 12 and under got to run around the bases. It was so popular that the line snaked it's way up to the 300 level and then all the way back down to the tunnel that goes onto the field. Thankfully the staff was very experienced and it ran very smoothly. Riley was so quick that I didn't get her in any of the pictures. They did have a photographer there and were handing out cards so we can go online and order them.

It ended up being a long and exhausting day but it was very fun. The kids had a blast and that is really what is most important to me as a parent.

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