Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I have a thing for jars. I love glass jars. If someone came into my house and stole my canning jars, new or old, I would cry. I have been known to save glass containers that I find interesting as well. For instance my Jose Cuervo tequila bottle that I got for my birthday. Well, after scrubbing the labels off it turns into a beautiful vase.

I have some small glass containers that my grandmother was giving away. I have no clue what they used to hold and they are small but they are perfect for wild flowers.

Yes of course I use them for coins. We have a penny jar. We have guesses on how much money will be in there when we fill it to the top.

My favorite, and I know this sounds weird, is the jar that is at the sink. Yes it holds my icky scrubbing brushes but I love how rustic it looks. In my dream home it would be an eclectic mix of modern home on the range and I feel like this would be a part of that.

Then there is the jar that holds my wooden spoons. See above. :)

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Chasing bugs to the Max said...

I love jars too and boxes for some reason. I think it is the organizer in me :)