Monday, April 11, 2011

Beginning my couponing journey

Here are my spoils at my first attempt at coupon savings. (Not pictured are three bags of potting soil)
Total before sales and coupons $49.95 before tax.
Total amount paid before tax $21.79. So if my math is correct that is a savings of 43.6%.

YesterdayI spent a good part of my afternoon and evening cutting coupons and comparing what I had to my local sales (split up of course to take care of Hannah as she needed me and deep cleaning my disgusting bathroom). I went to Walgreen's, a store I rarely if ever go to. My lure was cereal, which we go through so fast at home and it is an expensive part of our grocery bill. Walgreen's had certain types of Special K cereal on sale for 2 for $5. I also had a manufacturers coupon that I printed online to save $3 when I bought 5 boxes. So with the sale and my coupon I only spent $1.90 a box which is a deal considering the normal price is over $5 per box!

Because I have just started couponing I know I could have saved more money. For instance I did not have a coupon for the Lysol wipes, however they were buy one get one free. I use these all the time in my house to disinfect and clean surfaces so I bought them anyway. Also I did not have a manufacturers coupon for the Ajax dish soap to combine with my in store coupon. However, the in store coupon gave me a price of 79 cents. Still a good deal.

I am still proud of myself. I NEVER save this much. It is time consuming but then I think of the amount of money I am going to save my household in a year and I get excited. I just saved us $28.16 in one shopping trip! I can't imagine what that will add up to at the end of the year. We are not able to save as much as the people on the TLC show Extreme Couponing due to what I understand as the "rules" in our state. I am not able to use more than one manufacturers coupon per sale. So I am not able to buy 10 items and use 10 of the same coupon as I understand it. I still have a lot to learn but as my coupon stash grows I know I will save more money.