Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holy Six!

My boy is now six! On his birthday we went down memory lane and I was going over the day he was born and he was fascinated that the doctors cut him out of me. Then he wanted to know if his sisters were "cut out" too. When I said no he goes, "oh! So boys are cut out of their mommies and girls are pushed out!" Not really buddy. So then I had to explain a little more that some boys are pushed out.

It is so exciting to watch my son grow. He is so bright and loves to read. Right now he is reading second grade books. He is also now taller than his older sister! Jake said he was excited to turn six so he could be in the first grade. I just hope that his excitement for learning and school never stop.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Play Ball!

Hannah got to experience her first Mariners game yesterday. We had family visiting from out of town. My parents were very generous and bought us tickets so we could go with them all.

We started our adventure with a ride on the Sounder commuter train. This is fairly new to the area and I wish it would have been built years and years ago. There have been some people that are against building a mass transit system due to the initial costs of building. However, I think it is a great asset to our area. Not only will it ease congestion but it will also take more cars off the road. And it isn't that expensive to ride. In my opinion it is worth the extra tax money. Now I will step off of my soap box.

After we ate our hot dog from a street vendor we went to the game. We had great seats right above the center fielder. Unfortunately the Mariners did not have that great of a day and no home runs came to our area. However, we did make it on the jumbo screen! That was a first and the kids got a kick out of it.

After the game all children 12 and under got to run around the bases. It was so popular that the line snaked it's way up to the 300 level and then all the way back down to the tunnel that goes onto the field. Thankfully the staff was very experienced and it ran very smoothly. Riley was so quick that I didn't get her in any of the pictures. They did have a photographer there and were handing out cards so we can go online and order them.

It ended up being a long and exhausting day but it was very fun. The kids had a blast and that is really what is most important to me as a parent.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mmmmm Carrots!

We have been making a very slow venture into solid foods. I am in no rush to go gung-ho. Hannah is obviously thriving with breast milk alone. Yesterday at her 6 month checkup she weighed in at 15 pounds 12 ounces. Which was a two pound weight gain in just two months.

I love the idea of baby led weaning and following her cues to know what she is ready for. I am not too big on just giving rice or oat cereal first. At this point Hannah loves the food going into her mouth. She opens her mouth and chomps down like a pirrannah. Our only problem is that she will often gag as the food makes it's way down her throat. I think that she loves that I am giving her yummy steamed and pureed sweet carrots. Or maybe it is just another game for her.

Either way it sure does make for a good photo opportunity.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Yesterday my baby turned 8 years old. Honestly I really can't believe where the years have gone. Cherish every moment.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Crayon Craft

I love this craft. What I love is I can get my kids to do most of the dirty work and it is super fast and easy aside from peeling the crayons (the dirty work).

First peel the crayons. Then we break and separate them into cupcake cups. You can find craft cups at Joann's as well if you like. Cupcake cups work just as well. I say the cheaper the better since they are getting thrown away after the craft.

You can microwave the crayons directly in the candy molds but I prefer to just melt mine in the oven. I set my oven for 350 degrees. Then I just check on them and occasionally mix them with a toothpick until they are completely melted. I also have an old cookie sheet that is now the craft sheet as the oil in the crayons sometimes does seep through the bottom of the cups. In my experience Crayola crayons are less oily and melt faster and better than cheap crayons. However, I would not pay full price for crayons just for this project. I usually have the kids gather their old broken crayons. Crayola 24 count boxes were on sale this week for 25 cents each limit 4 so I bought 4 and Riley bought 4. This time I used two boxes.

When the crayons are completely melted carefully pour the wax into your mold of choice. I buy candy molds at Joann's. They are fairly inexpensive and can be reused. Again these are now only used for crafts. One thing I did that I would not do again is purchase candy molds that have a slot for a popsicle stick. If you happen to pour just a little bit too high the wax flows into this slot and then will pour all over your counter as it did to me today. I should have taken a picture but I was too busy trying to clean up the mess quickly. Then I realized I should have left it alone and just scraped off hard wax instead of smooshing it into my counter. Not my smartest moment. The molds shown here are regular candy molds

After I pour the wax I put the molds into the freezer for about 10 minutes then set them on the counter for a few minutes and then pop them out and they are ready to go!