Sunday, September 02, 2012

First scary mom moment

This is another very late post. Riley and Jake have swim lessons during the summer thanks to my mother. They have so much fun and we feel so blessed because we cannot afford them.

This summer we had a not so fun moment. I was standing outside the girl's locker room trying to hurry Riley up and I turn around to go find Jake being rushed into the office by a lifeguard with blood all over his head and face.

Let me tell you how not so great that feels as a mother. Not so great being the understatement of the year. I didn't scream or freak out or cry. I did say "what happened!" What this crazy kid did was try to do what he calls a "peanut roll" off the side of the pool. It is very similar to this video which he does on our trampoline. Obviously a 7 year old doesn't get that a trampoline and a SIDE OF A CONCRETE POOL are very different things. Boys and Girls this is why you DO NOT flip off the side of the pool. The top of his head hit the side and split open. Of course when blood hits water it looks much worse and head wounds bleed like nobody's business.

The pool staff was amazing. They acted quickly and discretely as is possible with a pool area full of people. They assessed Jake and decided it was a good idea to call 911. This is where the crazy I didn't know I had it in me mommy calm kicked in. Jake was crying uncontrollably. Here I am calm as ever kneeling down to his level in a calm voice I didn't know I had trying to reassure him everything was okay.

The staff took him out the back door of the office and opened the side gate for the fire truck instead of the main entrance. The fire men checked him out, bandaged him up and told us to drive to the ER for staples.

Don't forget that I have two other children. Thankfully Riley is old enough to keep an eye on Hannah. I had her do this on a grassy area away from view. When I went to pull the van around to the back I walked over to Riley and said, "Now don't freak out. There is a lot of blood but Jake is fine." The fire men did not clean him up so he still had half of his face now covered in dry blood. Riley comes around the corner and yells "OH MY GOD!" I thought I told her to not freak out?

Thankfully my mother was able to meet us at the ER and take the girls. Jake was cleaned up, numbed, and given 5 staples. Our local ER just had a renovation. The new setup is much more efficient and cuts your time in the ER down considerably.I think we were in and out within and hour and a half.

As proud as I am for not freaking out and staying calm I will be okay never going through that again.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Swatching for a new design

I have had this one in my head for quite some time. I finally started knitting swatches last night and the design process is on its way! I am hoping to have a rough draft of the pattern in a week or so and will need some test knitters.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

10 Years

On July 20th Paul and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. After months of discussion on what we should do we decided on a nice and cheap local date. Dozens of nice restaurants were discussed but in the end we decided we didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a meal. What mattered more was being together and reflecting on that day and our 10 years together.

We were married on what was possibly the nicest day of the summer. There were barely any clouds, the sun shone all day and it was nice and warm. Perfect weather for the outdoor reception we had planned.

The weather on our anniversary was not as perfect as our wedding day but nice enough for a picnic at the spot where Paul proposed. We grabbed delicious panini at Husky Deli in West Seattle a bag of chips and drinks and headed to what we call "our bench". It was so nice to have a quiet date and just be. After our dinner we went back to Husky Deli for ice cream and walked around The Junction then we headed back to Burien for a few beers at Elliott Bay Brewery.

Daily I am still amazed that this man wanted to marry me. I am beyond blessed.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Multitude Cowl

My second pattern is in the books and up for sale in my Etsy shop. It is such a neat process to see something in your minds eye come to life and in person in your hands. This cowl came out exactly as I pictured.

This cowl can be worn many ways with the placement of the button holes and the buttons at one end. I like that it can be adjusted to be tighter to the neck depending on the weather. Riley has now claimed the orange cowl photographed for herself so I will have to make one of my own.

Now I just have to knit up the half dozen or so other ideas I have in my notebook!

Friday, July 20, 2012

New yarn in the shop!

I have been spending the better part of the past week dying and winding yarn. In between my regular duties as a mother and homemaker. Which explains why it took me a week to do what it would normally take someone a day for the same task. Granted waiting for yarn to dry was included in that week span.

When I was going through my shop inventory I came across more than a handful of items that were not listed and some yarn that had never been dyed. I discovered that a number of these were cone ends or skeins that had breaks. This was a good motivator to start a sale section. Hopefully these lonely skeins of yarn will soon find a new home.

This new base is a gorgeous single ply merino.

Here are a few of my favorites. It is amazingly soft and I love how it took the color.




Friday, July 06, 2012

Bridging and Embroidery

Riley is involved in Girl Scouts. Her and I have had a lot of fun over the past two years with her troop. In June she bridged from a Brownie to a Junior. It was a small sort of hokey ceremony but still seemed so important to me and I had to take pictures. They have the girls walk across the stage or "bridge" and are presented with a certificate from the next oldest girl to bridge. For a year she will be the only Junior in the group. I was worried that she would get bored with younger girls. She is hitting an age where being with younger kids might not interest her but she seems to still be okay with this. It might be because she has two younger siblings and this is normal for her. There are a few badges she can earn helping younger members and she is excited to organize a meeting to do this. I was never a Girl Scout so I am eating this all up!

Lately Riley has been embroidering as much as she can. I know I am her mother so I am biased but she appears to have a real knack for it. She is in love with giraffes and we printed out a few more images for her to do. When she finishes this picture I was going to show her a few different stitches to do for the next project.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Fairy Homes

A few weeks ago I helped the kids build fairy homes. This was such a fun and magical activity that continues each day. They went through their room finding items to put in the homes to attract fairies.

We went around the yard looking for moss and plants to put in the pots. We were so lucky and found some great bark pieces in the log pile.

Riley picked out some items from her Polly Pocket bin.

Jake and I made sculpy items because Riley had all girly things and he wanted to attract a boy fairy.

Thank you Pinterest for this great idea!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Schooools out for Summer!

Summer! My almost favorite time of the year. Last summer we were bored. Very very bored. The weather here was so mild. Summer was cut very short because school ran until the end of June then started in very early September. We didn't do much because Hannah was still fairly new and projects were hard to facilitate with a wee one.

This summer I have so many ideas!

We are going to build fairy gardens.
I have modeling clay projects planned for rainy days like today. I found an some neat ideas for stamps.
Riley and I are going to work on her quilt that I started when I was pregnant with Hannah. I embroidered these cute bunnies on it.
We are going to make mini cement planters.
I have a low tide chart so we can go to the beach and explore.
Collecting sea glass and neat rocks for other cement projects. I am thinking neat disks for the garden.
Fruit roll ups.
Paint on side walk chalk.

I have a family fun jar and I am adding ideas as I come across them. Pinterest has been my best friend when it comes to this.

If all goes as planned I want to do some sort of fun project every day. Something crafty, science related or just a day at the park. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Nothing Much

We have been so busy with end of the school year activities, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, baseball and softball. We can't wait for summer!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have been following a lot of do-it-yourself blogs lately. These women are so creative. One day feeling inspired Hannah and I went treasure hunting at the largest Goodwill ever! Or at least the largest one I have ever been in. While we were there I found this.

My plan was to turn it into an herb garden for very little cost. I spent $3.99 on the shelf and used paint I had on hand to make this!

At first I had planned on filling the space with dirt but then I didn't want to ruin the shelf when I watered it. I could have bought waterproofing paint but that would have added to my expense. In the end I think the mason jars add to the overall cuteness of this piece.

It will find a new home hanging under my kitchen window.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Cardigan

This sweater has been in the works for quite a long time. I started it two years ago when I was newly pregnant with Hannah. I had meant to finish it quickly because I thought it would look cute with a pregnant belly. I am sure it does but I am not going to find out first hand.

NOTE: I hate having pictures taken of me. I am so self conscious of my body. The weight loss is still slow going. After having three children gravity does take over as well.

All in all I am pleased with this sweater. I am thinner than when I started so it is a little roomy. I was hoping it would be more form fitting but after looking on Ravelry I do see that it is not which is fine.

My mom was given all of my grandmother's buttons and we found these gems in her stash. I love them!

Now gratuitous shots of my children.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Day Northwest

Today we had the opportunity to be audience members at a local talk show called New Day Northwest. It airs during the day before the noon news. The regular host is in Africa at the moment which worked out well because Meeghan Black was hosting the show instead. She is one of my favorite local television personalities. The audience was full of girl scouts so a fellow girl scout mom from Riley's troop and her daughter went as well. One segment had a recipe contest winner. You had to use a Girl Scout cookie in your recipe. It was fun. We learned how to be great audience members (clap very quickly and holler and always smile).

Monday, March 05, 2012


I am determined to have a wonderful produce garden this year. I am sure the reason I have not before is because I did not take the time to plant my seeds inside as starts first. Previously I put them straight into the ground much too late in the season. I am actually following directions this time! There are more I didn't picture here. I really don't have room for these in my small house but I figure a little annoyance for a few months is worth delicious produce later.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Buying Local

I heard about the 3/50 project a few years ago. The idea is simple spend money locally with small businesses. Pick three businesses a month and spend $50 total. The idea is to pick the businesses that you would miss if they went away.

Granted items from a local small business generally cost more than the same item from a large chain store. If you are on a very tight budget this could hurt your pocket book just a bit. Maybe when you eat out instead of going to Applebee's find a locally owned restaurant. You most likely will find the same menu items and the food potentially could taste better as the products most likely will be fresher. Try to find a local farmers market to purchase your produce. Instead of going to the Home Depot garden department go to a local nursery instead.

Today I was going to buy seeds and potting soil to get starts going for our vegetable garden. My first instinct was to head to Wal-Mart because I know they have relatively cheap seeds. Then I remembered that I probably should put my money where I live so I went less than a mile down the road to Burien Bark and purchased my seeds and potting soil there. I ended up saving and incredible amount on potting soil. I bought their mix which was a huge bag and only spent $4. The seeds were more than I would have spent at wall mart by probably 40 cents each but I figured it was well worth it. I saved gas and I put my money in a local business.

So the next time you are going to head to a large chain store take a moment and try to think of a local small business where you could get the same items.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playful Stripes

I have loved the Playful Stripes Cardigan for quite some time. Now with Hannah being older and much more independent I have found a lot of time to knit during the evening. Paul thinks the colors are a bit loud but of course I think they are perfect as I chose them. When I was looking through my stash of yarn I came across this pink and white sock yarn that I have had probably since I was a very new knitter. My children would be happy if all I knit were socks for them so I figured I would make Riley happy. I love how they fit and of course when Riley put them on Jake asked where his were. So you can probably guess what my next project will be. To round out a lazy Sunday post here is a picture from the week. The older kids were watching cartoons and keeping Hannah busy so I could get a few things done. This is how Hannah usually looks when she is relaxing.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting My Craft On!

Paul got me a tablet book reader for Christmas. It has already seen a lot of use. Now I am not known as being careful. I am quite the opposite and horribly clumsy. I am terrified I am going to ruin this thing. I went to Barnes and Noble today hoping that there would be a Nook cover that might fit mine. Unfortunately they are a different size and the cheapest one being $20 was not that attractive. When I got home I did a search online to see if there were any I could order which again were boring and cost more than I wanted to spend. After a few minutes I thought, "I know I can make this myself". Another search and a few minutes later I found a couple of cute ideas. It is so easy!

First find a book you don't care about and remove the inside leaving the cover and spine. I found this book at a thrift store around the corner for $2. The win win about this is that the thrift store is a Christian non profit and all of the proceeds go to a local recovery center. I also dropped off some clothes that I had in my trunk forever.

I had all of the fabric on hand. I used upholstery fabric for the outside. I laid the book cover out and cut the fabric one inch larger all the way around. Then I used spray adhesive and sprayed the cover and the wrong side of the fabric and pressed the cover onto the fabric. After doing that I sprayed the inside and folded the fabric over neatly.

I then took a piece of contrasting fabric and laid it over the inside of the spine affixing the same way as before and folding the top and bottom edges under.

For the inside I cut two pieces of cardboard just smaller than the inside covers and covered them in fabric the same way.

On the right side I attached elastic around the corners to hold the tablet. I sort of wrapped it around like you would on a present and glued this on with all purpose craft glue. I then attached both cardboard pieces with craft glue and weighted the cover flat with some books.

And there you have it! I don't have a clasp for the outside at the moment. I did see one person online who found a decorative headband and used that.

Monday, January 30, 2012

More Knitting

With Hannah being so mobile I am finally able to get more done around the house and more knitting done as well. My goal is to finish projects that have been sitting for too long.

I finished Madder Ribbed Socks by Nancy Bush found in Knitting Vintage Socks. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock (one of my absolute favorite sock yarns) in the Lettuce colorway. I love this book. This is the second pair of socks I have finished from this book and they won't be the last. I have another half finished pair to finish and hopefully post soon.

Last week I finished Noro Stripey Socks. This is my first time using Noro sock and I was worried about the yarn feeling scratchy while I wore it but indeed it is not as people have told me. These socks are incredibly warm and comfortable. Perfect for winter.

Also after making such cute pants for a friend's twins who are due soon I had to make a pair for Hannah. I have so much wool lying around that was intended for soakers I figured I should use some up. These are quite big for her. I used a larger needle size because I wanted to make sure she would be able to wear them for a long time and I think these will fit her petite frame until she is three!

More to come! I still have a pair of socks that I know of that are halfway finished as well as two sweaters and one that I need to add a hood and a button placket.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Places Kids Sleep

A friend has this blog which I LOVE! Random Places Kids Sleep I knew I had a video of Jake and found it to send on to her. Check it out.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Knitting Knitting Knitting

I am finally getting my knitting mojo back. Having holiday bazaars and baby gifts to knit is very helpful. I have a friend who is expecting twins. She had sent me a picture of some newborn elf looking hats and was wondering if it was something I would be able to make. The photograph was crochet but I did find a comparable knitting pattern. They turned out so incredibly cute! I wish I would have thought to knit one of these for Hannah when she was a newborn.

There were also pants that she had found pictures of online here. Thankfully there was a free pattern on Ravelry (found here) that was for the most part exactly the same I just needed to stitch the eyes differently and my pants didn't have as many stripes on the legs.

The sock monkey pants were knit exactly the same I just had to leave off double stitching the teeth on and made the eyes per the example.

I have already cast on a pair for Hannah to keep for herself.

Monday, January 09, 2012


It is hard to believe that this...

Was once this...

Hannah celebrated her first birthday on January 5th. One seems like such a small number for everything she has accomplished this past year. One is such a small number for a person whom it seems has been with us forever. One is such a small number for a person who brings so much joy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy 2012! We had a whirlwind of a year with Hannah's birth and the death of our dog and my grandmother. Here is hoping that 2012 is full of happiness and good heath. I also pledge to blog more. Once a week!