Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Buying Local

I heard about the 3/50 project a few years ago. The idea is simple spend money locally with small businesses. Pick three businesses a month and spend $50 total. The idea is to pick the businesses that you would miss if they went away.

Granted items from a local small business generally cost more than the same item from a large chain store. If you are on a very tight budget this could hurt your pocket book just a bit. Maybe when you eat out instead of going to Applebee's find a locally owned restaurant. You most likely will find the same menu items and the food potentially could taste better as the products most likely will be fresher. Try to find a local farmers market to purchase your produce. Instead of going to the Home Depot garden department go to a local nursery instead.

Today I was going to buy seeds and potting soil to get starts going for our vegetable garden. My first instinct was to head to Wal-Mart because I know they have relatively cheap seeds. Then I remembered that I probably should put my money where I live so I went less than a mile down the road to Burien Bark and purchased my seeds and potting soil there. I ended up saving and incredible amount on potting soil. I bought their mix which was a huge bag and only spent $4. The seeds were more than I would have spent at wall mart by probably 40 cents each but I figured it was well worth it. I saved gas and I put my money in a local business.

So the next time you are going to head to a large chain store take a moment and try to think of a local small business where you could get the same items.

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