Friday, July 06, 2012

Bridging and Embroidery

Riley is involved in Girl Scouts. Her and I have had a lot of fun over the past two years with her troop. In June she bridged from a Brownie to a Junior. It was a small sort of hokey ceremony but still seemed so important to me and I had to take pictures. They have the girls walk across the stage or "bridge" and are presented with a certificate from the next oldest girl to bridge. For a year she will be the only Junior in the group. I was worried that she would get bored with younger girls. She is hitting an age where being with younger kids might not interest her but she seems to still be okay with this. It might be because she has two younger siblings and this is normal for her. There are a few badges she can earn helping younger members and she is excited to organize a meeting to do this. I was never a Girl Scout so I am eating this all up!

Lately Riley has been embroidering as much as she can. I know I am her mother so I am biased but she appears to have a real knack for it. She is in love with giraffes and we printed out a few more images for her to do. When she finishes this picture I was going to show her a few different stitches to do for the next project.

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