Sunday, September 02, 2012

First scary mom moment

This is another very late post. Riley and Jake have swim lessons during the summer thanks to my mother. They have so much fun and we feel so blessed because we cannot afford them.

This summer we had a not so fun moment. I was standing outside the girl's locker room trying to hurry Riley up and I turn around to go find Jake being rushed into the office by a lifeguard with blood all over his head and face.

Let me tell you how not so great that feels as a mother. Not so great being the understatement of the year. I didn't scream or freak out or cry. I did say "what happened!" What this crazy kid did was try to do what he calls a "peanut roll" off the side of the pool. It is very similar to this video which he does on our trampoline. Obviously a 7 year old doesn't get that a trampoline and a SIDE OF A CONCRETE POOL are very different things. Boys and Girls this is why you DO NOT flip off the side of the pool. The top of his head hit the side and split open. Of course when blood hits water it looks much worse and head wounds bleed like nobody's business.

The pool staff was amazing. They acted quickly and discretely as is possible with a pool area full of people. They assessed Jake and decided it was a good idea to call 911. This is where the crazy I didn't know I had it in me mommy calm kicked in. Jake was crying uncontrollably. Here I am calm as ever kneeling down to his level in a calm voice I didn't know I had trying to reassure him everything was okay.

The staff took him out the back door of the office and opened the side gate for the fire truck instead of the main entrance. The fire men checked him out, bandaged him up and told us to drive to the ER for staples.

Don't forget that I have two other children. Thankfully Riley is old enough to keep an eye on Hannah. I had her do this on a grassy area away from view. When I went to pull the van around to the back I walked over to Riley and said, "Now don't freak out. There is a lot of blood but Jake is fine." The fire men did not clean him up so he still had half of his face now covered in dry blood. Riley comes around the corner and yells "OH MY GOD!" I thought I told her to not freak out?

Thankfully my mother was able to meet us at the ER and take the girls. Jake was cleaned up, numbed, and given 5 staples. Our local ER just had a renovation. The new setup is much more efficient and cuts your time in the ER down considerably.I think we were in and out within and hour and a half.

As proud as I am for not freaking out and staying calm I will be okay never going through that again.